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Welcome to the world of PRIDE TUTORIAL which provides a best way of learning Maths online. Leave all those bulky books aside and have fun while learning with our expert online tutors.

Pride Tutorials Provides you-

1. Expert Guidance from highly qualified online Maths tutors.

2. One to one personalized online Math tutoring.

3. Straight to the comfort of your home.

4. Affordable prices.

5. Suitable timings.

6. Available 247 X 365.

7. Easy to monitor progress of the child for busy parents.

8. Help you to complete your home work given by school teacher.

9. Student can record the entire session to revise.

Who may use the service of Pride Tutorials?

Pride Tutorials provides services to any school going student starting from grade 5th -12th . We provide online Maths help for various boards to name few are CBSE, ICSE , IGCSE, O LEVEL, AS LEVEL, A LEVEL, A2 LEVEL.

Advantages of online Maths learning are as follows:

Now a day's students are really busy because they go school very early in the morning and return back late afternoon, by that time the student gets tired and exhausted. After returning from the school it's  hard for a student to go out again to attend tuition class. Pride Tutorials provides the best solution for the students who want to learn Maths from the best online Maths tutor  without going out and without facing the burning sun again. He can just start his laptop right at his home to get the best online Maths tuition right on his computer chair from the comfort of his house.

CBSE Maths

CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education)  is the board which gives affiliation to most of the school in India .

Cbse Board has a motive to provide the best education to our students to make them stable enough to compete with any educational board or university around the globe. Most of CBSE school in India as well in Gulf countries follow the NCERT curriculum (National Council Of Educational Research And Training).

The grades/ class to which we provide Online Maths learning:

Online Maths help for CBSE Grade 6th: In grade 6th CBSE Maths main topics are as follows: Decimals, Fractions, integers, Algebra, Geometry, Data handling, Ration and proportions.

All these topics of grade 6th are actually the backbone of Mathematics.  If one can learn all operations of Algebra given in grade 6th then he would never struggle in his coming classes in that particular topic in throughout his school studies.

Online Maths help for CBSE Grade 7th :  In Grade 7th CBSE Maths Main Topics are as follows:  Integers, Fractions and Decimals, Simple equations, Line and Angles, Triangles, Comparing Quantities, Rational Numbers, Geometry, plotting the graph.

Geometry which is a huge Topic in 8th, 9th and 10th Grade .In 7th grade itself our students get trained to comprehend the geometrical figures and to collect the require information from the given figure which will be helpful for us to solve the questions.

Online Maths tuition for CBSE grade 8th: CBSE Board has designed its 8th grade Maths curriculum with an aim to revise everything what a student has learn in both 6th and 7th grade with much harder and standard type of Maths sums in order to prepare the students for coming Board exams.

The Main Topics in CBSE 8TH GRADE Maths are as follows:

Symmetry, Algebra, Geometry, Exponents and Powers, Practical Geometry, Triangle and its properties, Congruence of the triangles.

CBSE Maths tuition for 9th: The Chapters in CBSE Curriculum are as follows: 

In the school Most of the students find 9th grade Maths very difficult and challenging. Most of the students complained that in the 9th grade Moths syllabus is too lengthy and they find it very hard to score good Marks in Maths in 9th grade.

We work hard with our students to remove Math's fear which they have in their minds by giving some Real life examples  in order to make them understand Maths very easily and comfortably.

CBSE Maths tuition for 10th Grade: In CBSE board the syllabus in 10th grade Maths require to have real understanding of all the chapters in order to get A2 in Maths exam.

I have seen  many students that they can do all the questions in Mathematics if questions are given to them from a one chapter, but when the same students are given jumbled question( questions by mixing from various chapter) then then start to struggle to solve the questions.

The best way for a student to prepare well for 10th grade Maths paper is that he should solve lot of past years papers and sample papers in order to make his mind trained to solve jumbled questions without any difficulty.

We conduct the weekly test with the same standard and difficulty level as given in real board exams and then student as well as parent can see where student stands today.

Online Maths tuition for CBSE 11TH grade: CBSE board has set such a syllabus for 11th grade Maths which require a genuine attention from the student. There are various chapters like Sets, relation and function, Trigonometry, Limits and derivate, complex numbers..

We always work with 11th grade students keeping an eye on the board exam which student is going to appear in next year and the competitive exams like IIT, NDA and many more.

Online Maths tuition for 12th grade CBSE: Once again for the final time you have to give board exams and these board exams will decide your career. As 12th grade marks along with competitive exams marks decide which college or university you can join for your graduation. Most of your career depends on from which college or university did you do your graduation.

We trained our students for 12th grade Maths with a unique approach which will help them to solve the sums in no time, since in 12th grade Maths many questions are very lengthy and take lot of time in order to reach the result, we precisely work on the same to ensure that student will be able to solve his entire Maths paper well before the time so that he can utilize the remaining time to cross check his work.

12th grade Maths preparation requires lot of practice and we are always there to make sure that our student has done his revision very well for that we use lot of sample papers and past years Maths papers.


Online Maths learning is kind of a technology which enables you to learn Maths online right on your computer screen. This online Maths learning program is been designed by combing the best technology with best brain available to Maths in world in order to ensure the best Mathematics learning for your child. All Mathematics teacher in our Panel are highly qualified and have huge experience of working with best schools in India.

The way it functions is extremely easy and student friendly. A student needs to have laptop/desktop with internet connection at his home. Since it will be live online Maths help so student and our teacher will speak with each other through skype which is a software which enable real time communication between two person whatever country the two speakers live. The voice quality which it exchanges will be as good as two speakers are just few inches apart.

What is needed? 

All you need is to do to attend the online live tutoring session is to get a computer/laptop and an internet connection, if you have that all available with you at home then host to  register on our website for a free demo session, and see how our online Maths tutor is going to make  Math as easy as ABC. for you. So, soon as you will register back on our website we will contact you to fix a demo session of Maths with you at your convient time so that you can see the beauty of our learning Math online program.

What we do? 

We make use of latest technology having a virtual whiteboard with all the required tools (which come in really handy during the session) and VOIP which makes it a real time online live tutoring session. These Maths learning session are designed to provide one -to-one online Math help from best online Indian Maths tutor to ensure you can get and utilize the all knowledge and experience for our teacher without any disturbance to other students..

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Students Testimonials

We always work to get similar reactions from all our students.

"Pride tutorials teachers have helped me clear my concepts and the system has made learning much easier and fun. The teachers are understanding and approachable. My mentor guides me in my future aspirations as well."

-Student says

"The teachers have not only taken care of my daughter's needs in terms of studies but have also struck a chord with her. The online teaching is easy to adapt and is an effective way to learn at the comfort of home."

- Parent says

"I'm so pleased that I chose Pride Tutorials for my son. They are very friendly, professional and supportive and would definitely recommend to all parents in search of online tuition for their children."

- Parent says

"Pride Tutorials is a wonderful online solution to every parent whose child is at the brink of choosing the path which will help them forge their career ahead.Its been an amazing experience for me as a parent to see my daughter at ease with the lessons.The patience and commitment of the faculty members is commendable.

- Parent says

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